Spirit Readings

Spirit Readings

Half hour £15 1 hour £30

Are you looking to connect with a loved one in the spirit world? Looking for proof that we do indeed survive the death of the physical body? Looking for validation that those we love are with us throughout our lives in spirit form, then this reading is definitely for you!

What is a Spirit Reading?

Also known as mediumship, a spirit reading, is where a psychic forms a bridge between the world of the physical and the world of spirit, in order to bring through guidance, love and validation from a loved one, or loved ones that have crossed over.

When working spiritually in this way, I aim to bring through as much information as possible, about your loved ones, including names, relationships, memories and more, in order to validate that I am indeed speaking with those around you that you have a loving connection with.

The aim of the reading is to offer evidence of the afterlife, comfort and peace in the knowledge that those we have lost have not gone, just simply changed form from shedding the physical body and are in a place where there is no suffering.

What to expect from a reading.

Spirit Peering through the veilThe aim of the reading is to give as much validation as possible, and through that offering guidance and comfort for those needing contact with their loved ones in spirit. Though our personality does not change when we go over to the other side, we do see things from a different point of view.

I will bring through as much as possible, and allow time for questions at the end of the session, I will also attempt bring through a specific loved one, but will always go for who I am drawn to first.

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Readings are offered via Phone, Skype or Facebook Voice/Video Chat. Please provide your details using the form below.

If the suggested time is not available I will contact you, to arrange a time to suit. You can also contact me to arrange a time before booking by using our contact us Page.


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Please note that these services are for general guidance and entertainment purposes only and should not be substitute for advice given by any legal, medical or other services. Please consult family and friends before acting on the advice of your reading, and be aware that Soul Vision takes assumes responsibility for any recourse.

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