Love and Relationship Reading

(My speciality) Half Hour £20 An hour £35 hour

Are you looking for love? Have you been through some relationship issues and are wondering where to turn to next? What if your looking to make the next move with that someone special and want to know if it is the right call? Or are you wondering when that someone special is going to come into your life? If so then perhaps this reading is for you.

What is a Relationship Reading?

Relationship Readings are for those who are looking for insight from the Spirit World, surrounding their love life, their connections to others and their ongoing or budding relationships. I will also focus on the direction of this area of your life, and offer guidance and insight into how you can move forward.

So if your looking for Love, in a relationship and looking for guidance, going through relationship issues at the moment, or just wondering how a new relationship is going to fair then this reading is definitely for you.

What can you expect from a Relationship Reading?

I love giving these types of readings, as they help people find answers to questions surrounding a part of their life which is really important, and I know from direct experience, how helpful this can be.

Couple in LoveI can pick up on the connection between two people (I will need the other person’s name) and how that connection relates to you. I am also very sensitive, so can pick up on emotional circumstances surrounding a relationship also.

What you do have to remember, is that the reading is about you, and not the other person, and any information I bring through will be surrounding your connection to the person your asking about and not linking with them directly.

My goal during the reading, is to offer validation, through personal evidence I will give you through my guides, and ask if you can let me know with a Yes, No or Maybe with the evidence I provide. After providing the evidence, I will then offer any guidance my guides will bring through, and aim to answer any questions you may have at the end of the reading.

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Please note that these services are for general guidance and entertainment purposes only and should not be substitute for advice given by any legal, medical or other services. Please consult family and friends before acting on the advice of your reading, and be aware that Soul Vision takes assumes responsibility for any recourse.

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