Life Path Readings

Life Path Reading

(General reading) Half hour  £15 An hour £30

Are you feeling stuck and not sure how to move forward? Are you being presented with a decision and need help weighing up the pros and cons or are you just interested in what the spirit world has to say about the life direction you are taking at the moment in general? Are you looking for your life purpose, or that which gives your current journey meaning? Or are you going through something at the moment of which you may need help understanding? Whatever questions you need answers to, you may find them during a Life Path Reading.

What is a Life Path Reading.

A life Path reading is a general reading surrounding you, covering all aspects of your life, including your home, work and social life, your spiritual connections, karmic relationships and more.

What we are looking for in this session is a general overview, of what has happened before, what has happened now, and what is to come, with direct insight into how this all relates to your journey through life. The choices of which your presented with, and the direction you have been going, all presented from the point of view of the world of Spirit.

What I aim for in these sessions is to use my intuitive gifts to offer answers to questions, before you ask them, or even questions, you may not have even figured out how to ask as of yet. My goal is to give you validation that the information that I give you is from the world of spirit and that it is genuine.

What Can I expect from a Life Path Reading.

Man runs on beach looking excitedMy aim is to make you as comfortable as possible; this is a time for you to receive insight, not just from me, but from your own intuitive connections as well. I ask for no information when I begin the session, but will ask questions about what I pick up. However these will be in relation to something personal to you and something I could not have otherwise known. All I ask is that you answer the question with a yes no or maybe.

I am happy to answer questions and if you have a specific one you would like me to focus on please feel free to tell me at the beginning of the session, if one arises during the session, please also feel free to ask. Otherwise I go with what feels right at the time. I also allow time at the end of each sessions for any additional questions you may have.

Book a Life Path Reading.

Readings are offered via Phone, Skype or Facebook Voice/Video Chat. Please provide your details using the form below.

If the suggested time is not available I will contact you, to arrange a time to suit. You can also contact me to arrange a time before booking by using our contact us Page.


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Please note that these services are for general guidance and entertainment purposes only and should not be substitute for advice given by any legal, medical or other services. Please consult family and friends before acting on the advice of your reading, and be aware that Soul Vision takes assumes responsibility for any recourse.

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