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Career Reading

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Are you looking to change direction in your work life? Are you looking for that promotion? Or looking to strike out on your own and start your own business? Are you looking for guidance on a new project or venture? Or are you wondering what Career is right for you? If so then a Career based reading will help you!

What is a Career Reading

A Career reading focuses on everything surrounding your work life. So if you are feeling trapped in a work situation, or are looking to move forward but not sure how then you may find this session extremely useful.

The Career reading will focus on your past, your skills, your hobbies and your interests in helping you to determine your best chance of success. The reading will offer direct validation of what you know already and insights into what is to come next.

What to expect from a Career Reading

Man Climbing mountain, symbolic of careerDuring the reading, I want you to feel completely comfortable. I will offer validation from my guides of things around your career I feel drawn to. These may concern your current job or position within work, your thoughts for the future, or your hobbies and interests. If you can take what I say then please let me know with a yes no or maybe.

I can also focus on a specific Question if you like, so please have the question ready before we speak, if not, I will work with what I am drawn to and allow you to ask any questions if you have them at the end of the reading.

Book a Career Reading

Readings are offered via Phone, Skype or Facebook Voice/Video Chat. Please provide your details using the form below.

If the suggested time is not available I will contact you, to arrange a time to suit. You can also contact me to arrange a time before booking by using our contact us Page.

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Please note that these services are for general guidance and entertainment purposes only and should not be substitute for advice given by any legal, medical or other services. Please consult family and friends before acting on the advice of your reading, and be aware that Soul Vision takes assumes responsibility for any recourse.

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