Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Readings

Half hour £15 An hour £30

Angels are divine messengers that work with us through life, offering guidance and protection as we travel our journey here on earth. We each have a guardian angel, who we have a direct connection with, even when we don’t realise it. They are there for us in a time of need and can be called upon at any time. If you are looking for in depth loving insight, then this reading may be right for you!

What to expect from an Angel Card Reading.

The Angels I work with are archangels, and see the world completely through the eyes of love; they can be everywhere at once, and work with both us individually or humanity as a whole.

When working with you, I use the cards to connect directly with the angels and offer the insight they bring forward. They may wish to concentrate on an area of your life, or your life as a whole. These readings are direct and straight to the point and always will make you feel positive and uplifted about where next to turn in your life.

What to Expect from an Angel Card Reading.

Angel PictureI want you to feel as comfortable during this reading as possible, so expect it to be relaxing, upbeat but also direct. If there is something that needs to be said, the angels don’t think twice about saying it, yet they do so in the most loving way, even when we are not expecting it.

When giving the reading, I will use the spread that is right for you, and take you through the cards step by step. Each card in the deck will tell me a story, and that story will be accompanied psychically with information that relates to you, offering personal validation.

As we go through the reading, we will go from the past, to the present and into potential futures, and guidance as to what may happen along the way.

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If the suggested time is not available I will contact you, to arrange a time to suit. You can also contact me to arrange a time before booking by using our contact us Page.

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