About Me

“Sometimes the beauty of life is that you really don’t know where it can take you. I was meant to do this work, it is such a privilege to be able to help people this way and now I am doing it, I don’t think I would ever do anything else.You really don’t know where life is going to lead sometimes do you?” Kerie

Psychic Medium Kerie DoyleThis was the case for me when I started down this road at end of 2016 then my life was in a very different place indeed, and I knew that there was a change coming, I just didn’t know how it would happen.

I have always had a connection to spirit, through sensing and feeling intuitively, but it wasn’t until I actively started to understand these gifts a year or so ago that I realised just how much of a talent I had for working with my guides, loved ones and sensing the energies of people around me.

It really didn’t take long before I realised just how accurate my readings were, when friends, and other members of my development group took validation after validation of what I was bringing through, and even when I had the strong urge about an event in their future, they would soon enough come back, acting shocked at how I could have known what I did, and in some cases the feeling was mutual.

It is always a surprise when I work with spirit, because everyone is different, every connection is unique, and now I realise that my whole life has been leading to me being here, doing this work, helping bring a little light into the lives of others.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and each event is a lesson and a blessing, I feel that the reason I was born blind, is to show that we are all connected to spirit, and demonstrate that this work is not cold reading, or some kind of intuitive psychology, that it is in fact genuine.

I am inspired by everything that the world of spirit brings, from the akashic records, to crystals, our connection with angels and higher beings of consciousness, and it’s that fascination that drives me to continue my development. We never really stop learning.

I am inspired greatly by the works of the late great Dr Wayne Dyer, John Edwards, and so many others that have gone on this spiritual journey, and believe that part of my purpose here on earth is to help people find their connection with each other, their spirit, and the world around them, no matter how that manifests.

I have some amazing spirit guides, that work with me, offering their unique insight into helping people with their life journey, their relationships and their path through life, and really feel that this intuitive understanding is what helps me to connect so deeply and profoundly with others and the world of spirit.

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